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Why Banqup?

A simple tool for business invoicing and receiving

Issue, send, receive, digitise and archive invoices in one place with Banqup.

Smart platform

What is Banqup for?

For small businesses

Easily manage invoices and financial processes with Banqup.

For medium-sized businesses

Include your business partners in the Banqup ecosystem and exchange documents with each other.

A smart digital business tool

Discover the benefits of Banqup

Banqup is a simple tool for small and medium-sized businesses to manage invoices smoothly.

Issue, send, receive, digitise and archive purchase and sales documents in one place. And no more separate logins to different platforms!

Automated invoice management is available from anywhere, anytime, with less time spent on administration.

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Banqup benefits

Why choose Banqup?

All in one place

Not only will you issue invoices from different suppliers, you'll also receive, digitise and archive them on one platform. You can also store other non-financial documents.

Less manual work

You'll avoid manual data entry - you'll receive your e-invoices directly from other users and the PDF invoices will be digitised. The platform recognises the key fields of the invoice and converts them into a digital e-invoice format (XML).

No installation

Once your account is activated, you can start using the platform straight away. Plus, with the mobile app, you can work from anywhere, anytime.

Less stress with accountants

With accountant access, you'll share invoices and other documents in real time. And easy integration with your accounting system ensures automated data transfer.

Data security

It's peaceful when everything is safe

Banqup meets the highest security requirements in the market, certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013

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One connection


Simplify your work with an interface between Banqup and the accounting software used by your accountant.

API interfaces with external systems such as CRM or e-commerce platforms are also available.

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Change your invoicing, receiving and archiving processes instantly with the Banqup platform.

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