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Receive invoices

All purchase invoices and receipts on one platform

Invoices received from different suppliers are digitised and archived in one place. And no lost purchase documents!

Digitalisation of purchase invoices

Less manual work

Non-digital invoices, receipts or other financial documents can be digitised on the Banqup platform.

So you no longer have to work with paper or PDF documents, worry about losing them, or make mistakes when manually entering data. This will automate the management of incoming invoices.

Purchase invoices

How does receiving invoices in Banqup work?

No more lost invoices

Automated invoicing

Tired of storing and printing PDF invoices sent by individual suppliers? Has your invoice got lost again?

Use your dedicated email account on the platform to forward all your purchase documents to. Or better still, give this address to your suppliers where they will send their invoices to you. All invoices you receive will be automatically posted to this mailbox on Banqup. So no more lost invoices, because you'll have everything in one place.

Receive actual electronic invoices (XML) from other Banqup users directly on the platform in digital format.

No manual data entry


No more manual entry of purchase account details.

A smart OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool will recognise the key fields of the invoice (supplier information, dates, amounts, etc.) and convert them into digital format (XML).

No overdue payments

Payment overview and long-term archive

Keep track of payment deadlines and note which purchase invoices have been paid.

Archive your receipts on the secure Banqup platform for easy retrieval at any time of day.


What are the benefits?

Less stress

Invoices are uploaded to Banqup continuously, so you won't have to stress about lost documents or getting them to your accountant on time.

Less manual work

No more manual entry of data, the invoices will be automatically placed in the platform.

All in one place

Both invoices and receipts are digitised on the platform, and searching is quick and easy.

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