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Overview of cash flows

Overview of payments here and now with Banqup

Real-time cash flow and data insights give businesses greater financial confidence and help them make more reasonable business decisions.

Moving image of a dashboard with circle graphics

Cash flow insights with Banqup

A single view that shows you everything you need to know about upcoming payments, overdue accounts and cash flow.

The Banqup platform and app has a clear overview that provides real-time cash flow. Benefit from data insights that help you make more informed business decisions.

All information in one place

Customer and supplier insights

Even though you have a small business, sometimes you need clear information about your partners. Use Banqup to view your biggest customers or suppliers and see an overview of them.

Why Banqup?

What are the benefits?

Financial stability

Need more help with future cash flows? It's easy when you know everything! Having the right information allows you to take action when you need it, so that your business can secure its financial stability.

Reasonable business decisions

Forecast trends with the right information on customer turnover to make confident business decisions.

Time saved

All information in one place. So you don't spend time searching for data on separate platforms.

Start using Banqup

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