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Partnership with Banqup

Banqup is a digital platform for invoice management. We offer a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized businesses, addressing the mandatory and specific requirements of each sector.

Unifiedpost has created an ecosystem equipped with the necessary technologies, capable of integrating new functionalities and connections with external partners.

Banqup offers to become a partner if you are part of an industry, government, association or other ecosystem where digitalisation and automation can help optimise financial processes.

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Partnership with Banqup

Why work with us?

The Banqup brand is owned by Unifiedpost Group, an international financial technology company that is a market leader in document management and payment initiation. The combination of these unique services enables maximum simplification and automation of financial processes.

The relationship between ERP and CRM

The Banqup solution has already been used successfully in several countries, in partnership with various platforms. The platform has interfaces with ERP and CRM systems in several European countries.

Solutions for specific sectors

We have already adapted the platform for sectors such as the construction industry and agriculture. We have helped governments and associations to successfully implement digital solutions for their customers and members.

Banqup and the success story of the accountancy sector

We have started a successful cooperation with some of the big accounting associations in different countries. Our aim was to connect accountants with clients digitally, not only to increase their productivity but also to optimise continuous collaboration.

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Become our partner

If you are part of an industry, government, association or any other ecosystem where digitalisation and automation can help optimise financial processes, you can be a valuable Unifiedpost partner.

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