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Frequently asked questions

Check out the frequently asked questions and find out what other customers have already asked about Banqup.


What is Banqup?

Banqup is a simple and smart digital invoice management tool. Banqup facilitates administrative and financial accounting processes by enabling businesses to manage all invoicing and receiving in one place. With Banqup, businesses spend less time on routine invoice administration tasks and more time on growing their business.

What is Banqup for?

Banqup is for small and medium-sized businesses. With Banqup, these types of businesses no longer need to worry about paper documents and can easily switch to digital invoice management. It is a simple and smart solution that saves businesses time by providing the right functionality to manage all incoming and outgoing invoices in one place.

It is also possible to give your accountant access to your invoices and other documents. This way, your accountant will always have the information in time to file your tax returns on time.

What's in it for my business?

Banqup allows you to have one tool for invoicing and receiving invoices instead of continuing to work with different platforms or folders. 

Businesses no longer need to work with paper or PDF documents, store physical documents, or keep track of invoices received. It's all automated and in one place. Banqup provides a clear overview of all invoices received and sent, which means you can see your cash flow in real time and make more informed business decisions.

How does digitalisation work in Banqup?

Simply upload, take photos or receive all invoices, receipts and financial documents in your created email inbox, right in Banqup. Find out more about the different upload methods on our blog.

Banqup's OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology turns your document data into a digital file. This avoids manual data entry and makes the document digital. Give your accountant access to your digital documents.

Do I need to install software to use Banqup?

Absolutely not! Banqup is a user-friendly online platform that makes it easy for everyone to receive, send and archive invoices. You'll have access to your documents anywhere, anytime.

Can I try Banqup for free?

Yes, you can! We have a free service plan that allows you to try Banqup at no cost. This plan will allow you to process up to 50 accounts per year. If you want to process more accounts or have more options, just choose the plan that suits you.

How can I share documents with my accountant?

If you want to share your documents with your accountant on the Banqup platform, then activate the "Accounting app" in the apps section. There you can define who the accountant is and how all documents should be sent to him/her (email, sharing via the "Banqup files" environment or activating the direct integration with the accounting system). If this is not possible, please contact our support team at help@banqup.lt.

How do I create a company account on Banqup?

If you want to create a Banqup account, the company manager must register with a Smart-ID or m-signature. Registration is only allowed for companies that this person can represent under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

On this platform, we aim to create a trusted network for businesses not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. After registration, the company manager will be able to create logins and grant the necessary rights to the accountant and persons involved in purchases or sales.

Can I assign my staff access to specific clients?

Of course, you can assign different rights to your employees and lists of companies they work with.

What is OCR technology?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition.

The initial step is that the uploaded invoice data (supplier information, details, sums, etc.) is recognised by the software. 

The second step is for the recognized data to be checked by Unfiedpost's digitalisation operators to ensure the highest possible quality of the data recognition. Only available with a Premium subscription.

Price list

How much does a Banqup subscription cost?

Check out our price list for functionality and prices based on the number of documents used per year.

How much does Banqup cost?

As an accountant, Banqup costs you nothing. Your client pays for the Banqup subscription. For more information about the fees you can find on page "Prices".


Is customer service included in the Banqup plans?

Yes, of course. As well as viewing Banqup e-guides and training videos, you can also contact Banqup's customer service team to help you with any questions.

How do I contact the Banqup customer service team?

There are several ways you can contact Banqup's customer service team. You can email them at help@banqup.lt or fill in the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

Do you have any questions about Banqup or need help?

Both your company and your customers can contact Banqup's customer service team by email or by submitting the contact form on our website.

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