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Automated processes with Banqup

A platform that facilitates communication between accountant and client - less manual work and less stress over late documents.

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Discover Banqup

Banqup is a simple, smart and digital tool for businesses to manage invoices and billing information in one place.

With this tool, accountants and their clients automate and simplify time-consuming financial processes.

Banqup links invoice management with the accounting system. This leaves more time for the accountant to provide advice that creates more value.

Why do accountants choose Banqup?

Banqup is an automated solution for you and your clients, making daily account management and period closures easier.

Cost and time savings

Save time and reduce costs with Banqup. How?

It's easy with Banqup because there's no need to ask clients for documents, no need to keep records and no need to stress about filing tax returns.

All client invoices can be transferred to the accounting system you use. However, you always have the possibility to connect to the client environment on the Banqup platform if required.

More even distribution of workload

Would you like to have more control, visibility and access to your customers' financial transactions in real time?

Banqup is a tool that will eliminate the need to stay up late on customer accounts before the filing deadlines. The workload is more evenly distributed as client accounts are imported into the accounting system on a continuous basis.

You choose the time you work on the accounts. You will receive the invoices as soon as your client issues them or receives them on the Banqup platform.

More time for financial advice

Do what you do best and spend your valuable time giving clients the financial or tax advice they need.

Finally, less administrative tasks means more time for collaboration.

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Increased customer satisfaction

Better communication, more transparency and less chance of mistakes will result in better relations with your clients.

Become your client's financial advisor, not just a technical person who enters data, completes declarations and prepares annual reports.

A progressive corporate image

Nowadays, more and more businesses are looking to work with advanced tools and automate their work. Also, with the popularity of remote work, the relationship between the accountant and the entrepreneur is shifting to the digital space.

With an advanced digital tool, you will have an edge over your competitors and improve your company's image in the eyes of your customers, while also increasing sustainability by going paperless. These added values drive the choice of service provider.

Automate processes with Banqup

Discover how simple and useful Banqup can be for your company and customers. Start using Banqup today.