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Banqup Console - simple accountant's work with clients

Banqup Console - your relationship with your customers. In this environment, you will see and manage all your clients and have access to their documents.

Moving image of dashboard with graphs in the Banqup app
Banqup Console

What is Banqup Console?

It's a tool where you manage your client list and get direct access to their documents. You will also be able to invite your colleagues and assign the companies they work with in this environment.

In addition, you will be able to see all the documents created or received by your clients that for some reason did not reach the accounting system you are using (e.g. a sales invoice has not been sent, or a purchase invoice has not been accepted).

All in one place

One digital tool for you and your customers

Not only will you benefit from digital invoice management, but your customer will also get an environment where they can invoice, digitise the documents they receive, keep track of payment deadlines, and easily find the documents they need in the archive.

Customer management

Seamless customer management

Set up and manage client accounts and assign tasks to colleagues without a lot of time.

If you use separate accounting systems for different clients, Banqup Console allows you to assign the right data channel.


Less manual work

The tool is designed to avoid manual handling of customer documents. It will reduce unnecessary communication with clients about their invoices.

You will be able to exchange other types of documents with clients (e.g. orders, etc.).


Valuable insights at the right time

With access to all customer data, you'll be able to see cash flow tendency. This will create an even closer relationship.

"We are convinced that the move to digital customer service will lead to more efficient business accounting processes."

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