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A secure platform compliant with e-invoicing requirements

Secure invoice management processes to give your customers peace of mind.


What are the requirements for Banqup?


In Lithuania, e-invoice is mandatory in public procurement. Ensure that your customers have the right environment to meet these and future requirements.


The certified platform ensures that you always share documents with your clients in a secure way.


Your customers will comply with current and future e-invoicing requirements

For several years now, Lithuania has required the public sector to submit accounts via RC "E. Sąskaita" platform. Your customers will be able to do this directly from the Banqup system.

From 2028, all EU countries will be required to exchange e-invoices via the Peppol network for intra-Community trade.

The Banqup platform is linked to the Peppol network where your customers will be able to send invoices. In the near future, your customers' invoices received on the Peppol network will be automatically posted on Banqup - no data maintenance or digitalisation.


Secure and uninterrupted contact with customers

You work with important client documents, so you need to ensure that documents are managed and transmitted in the most secure way.

Two-factor authentication can be activated when connecting to the platform, and Smart-ID or Mobile-ID can be used.

This creates a secure invoice exchange network, which means that only real companies will exchange documents within the Banqup ecosystem.

"A big step forward for us and our customers"

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