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Advance invoice

February 19, 2024
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In a dynamic business world, effective financial management is crucial for the success of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). One effective way to streamline financial processes is through the use of pre-paid invoices.

What is an invoice in advance?

This is just a free-form agreement that allows you to receive advance payment for services or goods from your customers. However, it is not an official document and is not recorded in the accounts. 

The business benefits of pre-invoicing 

Before we delve into the invoicing process, let's find out why these invoices are essential for SMEs:

  1. Cash flow management. Prepaid invoices ensure a steady cash flow that allows SMEs to cover operating costs and invest in business development.

  1. Risk mitigation. By receiving partial payment before the delivery of goods or services, SMEs reduce the risk of late payments, thereby increasing financial stability. The risk that the customer will not pay the company at all is reduced. 

  1. Order processing. If the company does not use purchase/sales orders, then the forward invoice formalises the prices, quantities and goods/services that have been ordered. 

Invoicing benefits on the Banqup platform 

 We've seen the importance of pre-paid invoices, now let's look at how Banqup can simplify and improve the process:

  1. User-friendly environment. Banqup offers an intuitive invoice management platform that allows SMEs to issue prepaid invoices easily and seamlessly.

  1. Account templates. Customise your pre-paid invoices to suit your business needs with Banqup templates, ensuring professionalism and brand consistency.

  1. States of being. Make sure the invoice you sent has reached your customer - make sure the customer has viewed it. This will make the process even more transparent. 

Pre-invoicing on the Banqup platform

Now let's go step by step through the invoicing process using the Banqup platform:

  1. Setting an account. Create a Banqup account using your Smart-ID or Mobile Signature and follow the necessary steps to start using the invoicing function.

  1. Customer information. Once the customer card is created, all the required customer details will be filled in automatically each time a pre-paid invoice is issued. 

  1. Catalogue of goods and services. Create a list of goods and services or import them from other systems. Speed up the invoicing process by using pre-created goods or services - all details will be filled in automatically. 

  1. Payment terms. Clearly define the terms of payment, including the amount of the prepayment and the due date, to avoid any misunderstandings with the customer.

  1. Controls. Make a note of which prepayments have been paid and which orders you can now send. 

Advance invoice template

Prepaid invoicing is an important financial step for SMEs, promoting cash flow stability, risk mitigation and building trust with customers. The use of the Banqup platform adds efficiency to this process, making it a valuable tool for SMEs striving for financial success. Start invoicing prepaid invoices with Banqup for free today and benefit from better financial management.

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