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E-invoicing for less digital pollution in business

April 22, 2024
min. reading

Sustainability and care for the environment are becoming an integral part of business culture. Electronic invoicing is a simple step towards not only optimising processes within your company, but also reducing digital waste and your ecological footprint. The biggest source of evil is, of course, the paper invoice, but the emailed invoice is not so innocent.

This PDF invoice is not so innocent

While emailing bills grows trees, emails and PDFs create completely unnecessary digital waste that is considered one of the biggest polluters on the planet. It is true that an electronic bill is also a file, but compared to a PDF bill, it is 30-50% smaller because it does not contain graphics. Therefore, e-invoices are really a simple step that can do quite a lot... The volume of e-mails is also decreasing.

Nowadays, there is no reason to keep copies of accounts in several places. All this adds disproportionately to your digital rubbish. Clean up and store all your invoices in a digital archive, where they are easy to find and safe to keep. 

Comprehensive benefits of an e-account

Replacing manual tasks with digital solutions significantly reduces costs by eliminating the need for paper documents, reducing transport costs and saving staff time. All this reduces CO2 emissions in accounting processes. 

Sending and receiving invoices are processes that are particularly easy to start with - anyone with a Banqup account can send and receive digital invoices. 

How can Banqup help reduce digital pollution? 

  1. Instruct your suppliers to send you e-invoices (XML, UBL) to your dedicated Banqup mailbox. If suppliers send purchase invoices in .pdf, .jpg, .png and other formats, they will be digitised and automatically populated on the Banqup platform. 
  2. Upload the received invoices (.pdf, .jpg, .png, etc.) and receipts to Banqup and they will be displayed on the platform.
  3. Download the Banqup app (iOS, Android) and take photos of your invoices or receipts as soon as you receive them - everything will be in Banqup. 
  4. Receive e-invoices but can't view them? Upload your UBL invoice to Banqup and view it as a regular document, download it in PDF format. 
  5. Invoice and send invoices to your customers directly from the Banqup platform. If you are involved in public procurement or have an overseas customer, you can easily invoice Peppol/RC "E. Invoice"/SABIS.  
  6. Activate the accounting app and connect your accountant to your Banqup account to share the documents you need in real time. No more misunderstandings with your bookkeeping!

Electronic invoices are not only environmentally friendly, but also offer practical benefits for the company. Carbon footprint and digital waste reduction, cost savings - these are just a few examples of how machine-readable e-invoices change your business processes. It's not just a step towards a more environmentally friendly business culture, but also towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

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