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Share documents with your accountant on Banqup

October 24, 2023
min. reading

With Banqup, you can automatically send invoices and receipts digitally and in real time to your accountant. There are several ways to do this - choose the one that works best for you.

1. Send documents directly to the accounting system used by your accountant

When your accountant connects to Banqup, he can seamlessly receive your digital documents, invoices and receipts into the accounting system he uses.

Everything is done automatically and in real time. This means you don't need to alert your accountant or send messages. The accountant no longer has to manually enter data.

2. Banqup "Document Centre"

Share invoices, digital receipts, attachments or other related documents your accountant may need in the Banqup Document Centre. Your accountant can also upload documents for you if needed. Both you and your accountant will be notified when documents are uploaded.

For more detailed instructions on how to work with the Document Centre, see the Banqup help articles.

3. Automatically by email

While this option may not seem like a big leap forward at first glance, it actually has a big advantage over a regular email with attachments, as it is fully automatic and sends not only a PDF but also a data file (XML).

For instructions on how to automatically share documents with your accountant by email, click HERE.

4. Add an accountant to your Banqup account

If you have an accountant who manages your company's invoices, you can simply add them to your Banqup account. To find out how to do this, check out the Banqup help article HERE.

That's it! Easily and seamlessly exchange documents and invoices with your accountant in a variety of ways with a few simple steps.

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