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Less stress with invoices

Invoice management for small and medium-sized businesses in one place - issuing, sending, receiving, digitalising and archiving.

Don't waste time with invoices

Managing financial processes with just a few clicks

Have a small business? Issuing, receiving, digitalising and managing invoices has never been easier.

Benefits of Banqup

Why choose Banqup?


Issue and send invoices to your customers. Track whether they have been reviewed.

Receive invoices

Get all your invoices from different suppliers in digital format in one place. No more manual data entry!

Overview of cash flows

Make reasonable business decisions by analysing past and future cash flows.


Prepare for the upcoming EU e-invoicing requirements for business in advance by sending and receiving real electronic invoices (XML).

Mobile app

Invoice, upload receipts and digitise data anywhere, anytime with the Banqup mobile app (iOS, Android).

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Start with Banqup

How do I start using Banqup?

Try it for free. Discover how quick and easy it is to issue and receive invoices with the free plan.  

Sign up your company with a Smart-ID or mobile signature, create a password and you're done!

Fast invoicing. In less than a minute, issue an invoice to your customer after setting up your environment.

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One connection


Do you use CRM or e-commerce platforms? Link them to the Banqup platform via programmatic interfaces.

Learn more about the benefits of Banqup.

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"Banqup is a quick and efficient solution: fast, self-installing and no headache. All I can add is - try it!"

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